Symptoms and Impacts of Computer Viruses on Computing Environment

It is becoming more and more important to know about viruses and other online threats because they are growing as serious threats for the data and PC performance. In various incidents of virus attacks it has been found that the PC users remain ignorant of the virus threat which ultimately multiplies the quantum of impact.

It is important to know what kind of impact these viruses can make onto your PCs because it offers you an opportunity to protect your PC and prevent such security outages.

Computer viruses are now the most ominous threat for all internet users because of many reasons. First of all, these viruses are obdurate in nature and very difficult to remove. Secondly, they destroy or obstruct computer programs from running. And thirdly, they are capable of replicating and spreading themselves in the guise of a legitimate or genuine program.

In this article you get information about the symptoms and impacts of computer viruses on computing environment.

Below discussed are the symptoms of a virus infection:

Slow Speed

One common symptom of virus infection is the slow speed of your PC. As a first consequence of virus infection, your system slows down miserably because the viruses eat up most of your system memory. Viruses eat up huge amount of system resources including RAM for their execution. So as a result, your system’s speed goes down significantly once it gets infected by a virus.

Computer freezing

Computer freezing or spontaneous pause in the PC operation is another important symptom of virus infection. Your PC may start hanging or freezing frequently coupled with error messages that are being displayed on the screen. Moreover, due to viruses two different programs on the system may clash with each other which create software conflict to finally cause the system to hang.

Frequent restart

What can irritate you more than a frequent restart of your system especially when you are in the middle of completing your work. It happens when your PC gets infected with viruses. An infected PC sometimes restarts suddenly or the software and programs may not load properly. In selected cases, users also become unable to access disk drives.

Now lets know about the possible consequences or impacts of virus infection on your PC. Below mentioned are a few of system hardware and software components that start facing issues as a consequence of virus infection.


Programs and files become the first victim of any virus attack or infection. At most occasions, viruses affect or impair the programs and files stored on your computer. As a result of infection you become unable to reach those programs. The programs stop running smoothly and begin giving inaccurate results.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

The next component of your PC which might get affected by virus infection is the hard disk drive (HDD). The hard drive is quite vulnerable to such attacks which can finally result into the data loss. Some serious virus infections may even lead to hard drive crash apart from the loss of data. This is an extreme emergency in which you fear to lose important system files as well as OS as a result of the hard drive crash.

Operating System

Operating System (OS) is the most important set of software which your system needs to run itself properly. There are certain wicked viruses that can severely impact the functioning of the OS. Windows OS is a group of programs which are once damaged; consequences are bound to be major. If it is eaten up by the viruses, your system starts facing many issues such as frequent booting failure after every restart.

Taking in account the above mentioned symptoms and consequences you can easily judge the importance of employing antivirus software for the comprehensive protection of your PC. You are recommended to never leave your PC off-guard so that these ominous virus threats are prevented in every probability.

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